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Merced County Composite Squadron 147 welcomes all members of the community 12-18 years of age into our cadet program and adults over age 18 into our senior member program. As a cadet member, you will have the opportunity to take part in a number of aerospace and STEM activities including model rocketry, taking up to 5 Orientation Flights in which you will be allowed to fly a Cessna aircraft supervised by an experienced pilot, and much more. Cadet members may also train and participate in Emergency Services operations, earning various ratings such as ground team search and radio communications. The cadet program offers many challenges and rewards for those who are up to it.

As a senior member you will have the opportunity to take place in CAP's Emergency Services program as well as help mentor our cadets. We are also looking for rated pilots and those who have an interest in flying. The opportunities you have available to participate as a senior member are limitless, from positions such as logistics officer, cadet programs officer, communications and IT, and many others. Would you like to learn a completely new skill? You can choose from a number of senior "specialty tracks" and be paired with an experienced mentor to learn and progress in the program.

If you are interesting in joining today, please feel free to fill in the box below with your contact information and a short description of your interests in the program. We'd love to hear from you!

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