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AEO School

May 13, 2023, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (America/Chicago)

2nd Lt Shea Santos and Lt Col Kenneth Endrizzi ( )
Travis AFB, Fairfield, CA
This school is open to all members who are AEOs, are thinking of becoming AEOs, or are just interested in learning more about CAP's AE Program. 

It is primarily designed to cover everything an AEO would need to know to be able to advance to the Technician level in the AEO specialty track, while   also covering some of the additional requirements for the senior and master ratings. 

For more details and SIGNUP, click 2023 05 13 AEO School at Travis AFB.

If you do not have a Military ID and need access to Travis AFB please see the below information:
If you are unable to complete that process above, 2dLt Shea Santos or Lt.Col Kenneth Endrizzi will meet you at the visitor center the morning of the 13th and sign you onto base manually.
No matter what process choose you will need to bring your "Real ID" compliant ID.

If your driver's license is not Real ID compliant then you will need to bring a second form of ID such as a passport, or birth certificate.

Unfortunately, the CAP ID does not meet the requirements for a “Real ID”.

Subjects to be covered:
1. History of AE
2. AE Book and Specialty Track
3. AE Products and Programs
4. AEX Program
5. AEMs, ACE and TOP flight programs
6. AE Awards
7. Budgets and Grants
8. Plans and Reports
9. Inspections
11. Above and Beyond.



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